Writing exercise: describe one thing ten ways

This week Chuck Wendig proposed an interesting challenge and style exercise in his blog: to choose an object, a feeling, or anything, and describe it in ten different ways, from ten points of view.

And I took on the challenge, so here I go with my ten descriptions of a sheet of paper:

1. Straight to the point:

The paper sheet is rectangular and white.

2. Scientific:

The plain paper sheet (also known as Albus Paperus) is a composition of pulp fibers dyed with mineral or organic colorings (called Bleaching Optical Agents), and processed with chemical components such as polypropylene and polyethylene to produce a small layer of variable dimensions and thickness that can absorb and fix substances such as ink.

3. Homesick:

The paper sheet contains the whiteness of the clouds that crossed the sky over the house where I lived as a child, when I loved so much grabbing a pencil and sketching my thoughts on it with a sense of spontaneity and wit I won’t be able to match again.

4. Epic:

The paper sheet was remembered as the ingenious device the great kings signed and used to declare war on remote territories starting a new era of pain and domination where the world was forever relegated to the will of the gods.

5. Dramatic:

Its edges are so sharp, its whiteness so violent and inevitable, it suddently reminds me how fragile life is and that it may be worthless to fight against fate.

6. The writer’s view:

The blank page is an infinite void where I get lost with no hope to be found; a quiet chaos when my thoughts are reflected on it; a vast ocean of uncertainty I can only swim in search of a possible hope.

7. As a baby would see it:

It looks soft and sweet, but it tastes even worse than that stick I licked before.

8. Philosophical:

While I can certainly assert that this sheet of this paper occupies a space in front of me in the world and its whiteness stands out clearly as a part of the order of the things that are material, how can I be sure that it is indeed what I think it is and not just a construction of me as an subjective entity?

9. Lyric:

Oh, paper sheet,
gentle and soft as a leaf.
Waiting for my ink pen to come
to full your whiteness of soul

10. Good-bye description:

A blank page is a farewell waiting to be written, waiting for a pen to declare the beginning of the end, but also the hope that later on, something new will come.


Can you think of any other ways to describe a piece of paper? Share them on the comments below! 

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