Greetings, human!

My name is Nadia, I’m a narrative designer who works at Wooga by day and does her own indie stuff by night.

Things I did in the past: working in comic book publishing, and in video game development studio 5 ants, where we developed a game you might have heard about called Tiny Thief. I also worked as game designers at GameHouse.

I draw, write and design simple but straight to the point interactive experiences that are focused on storytelling and visual impact.

I’ve also written quite a lot of interactive fiction in many formats, ranging from “choose your own path” tales to adaptations of TV series to video game format.

I’m interested in comedy, specially the surrealist and weird kinds, because… well, because they often appear to contain most of what’s truth in this world… but nobody really knows how and why.

And yes, you guessed it right. I’m a little bit scattered on my skills and interests, but let’s wait to see who is the one who laughs last when I finally get to learn How Everything Works.

All the content in this blog has my personal views and opinion.

Check out my work!

My job CV at Linkedin

My visual portfolio at Behance

Bits and pieces of my fiction (in Spanish)


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  • twitter: @nadiaorenes